Massimo Sepielli

Curriculum Vitae: Massimo Sepielli


Massimo Sepielli was born in Rome, Italy, on 19th February 1958.

He graduated in Nuclear Engineering on 19th July 1983, and received is Post-doc. in “Safety of Nuclear Plants and Radiation Protection” on October 1989

He has been working for ENEA since 1983 and since 2010 has been the head of ENEA’s Nuclear Division (Technical Unit for Fission technologies and Facilities and Nuclear Material Management – UTFISST). Now he acts as Board in the Department “Fusion and Technologies for Nuclear Safety and Security”.

He is experienced in NPP control and MMI, nuclear safety and security, fuel cycle, radwaste management and disposal.

He has been long time Italian delegate in OECD-NEA Halden Reactor Project, working on advanced tools for MMI (Man-Machine-Interface) as applied to Nuclear Power Plant Design and Decommissioning, making use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality models inside the VIRTUALDECOM Project.

He has been responsible of two nuclear research reactors TRIGA-RC1 and RSV-TAPIRO, and of Cat. A labs for nuclear material characterisation at ENEA Casaccia Center.

He is currently delegate in the SNE-TP European Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform and is national officer for OCSE-NEA Data Bank Management. He is in the UNICEN Commission and AIN Italian Nuclear Society Association.He authored-coauthored hundred ISBN – ISSN papers and works presented at international conferences and/or published in international magazines and books.



Dr. Eng. Massimo Sepielli                                                                                                                    

Department “Fusion and Technologies for Nuclear Safety and Security”

ENEA – Casaccia Research Center

Via Anguillarese 301 – 00123 – ROMA

Phone: +39 06 30484271